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Leader of the Workers Party of Britain, George Galloway, has called on British warships to do more to tackle illegal migration, as he launched his party's manifesto today.

In his pledge to British voters, Galloway vowed to "reduce the retirement age to 60", enable "free travel for all children" and "no tax paid under £21,200".

Speaking at his manifesto launch event in Manchester, the Rochdale candidate hit out at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour's Sir Keir Starmer, claiming "two people who least deserve to be the Prime Minister of Britain are competing for that office".

Speaking to GB News after the launch, host Tom Harwood pressed Galloway on the "wish list" of policies his party has put forward.

Galloway defended the manifesto, telling Tom: "You used to be able to retire at 60 in France, soon it will be 70 in Britain and in France.

"Free travel for children on our buses would be a good thing, would it not? It would keep our children safe. We think it should be a national service, so there's no fairy tales involved here."

Highlighting the 880 migrants who crossed the Channel into Britain on Tuesday, Galloway was pressed by Tom on how the Workers Party would tackle the rising illegal migration figures.

Galloway assured: "We would be stopping it. Where were the ships? The ships were in the Red Sea, in the Black Sea, in the South China Sea.

"The Royal Navy's principal purpose and duty is to defend the shores of His Majesty's realm, but they're not doing so. They're in every sea except our own sea."


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Calling for more involvement from the Royal Navy in removing illegal migrants from the UK back to France, Galloway explained: "They are not involved in turning back illegal departures from France.

"Illegal arrivals in England, which then cost £80 a night per person, and potentially forever to the British taxpayer. We've got all these Royal Navy assets, the problem is they're deployed everywhere except defending our own shores."

Hitting out at France's efforts to stop illegal migrants from departing their country as part of a £54million deal agreed last summer, Galloway claimed the French authorities are "watching migrants leave their shores".

Galloway fumed: "We certainly wouldn't allow them to leave unmolested from the beaches of France.

"We paid France billions of pounds to stop these illegal departures, and I saw a news bulletin last night in which the French authorities were watching these illegal departures."

Turning the discussion to Galloway's stance on the ongoing war in the Middle East and his claim that his election campaign is "for Gaza", Galloway assured that is still the case.

Galloway told GB News: "It would be a win for peace. But yes, it would be a win for Gaza.

"I assure you that millions of people in Britain care about the little children and their mothers being torn apart in Gaza, and many of them are prepared to vote to show it."

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