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Sir Rod Stewart has defended his reasons for projecting the Ukrainian flag in a show of support for President Vladimir Zelenskyy and singing his 1991 anti-war song, Rhythm Of My Heart - despite it resulting in German audience members booed him.

Stewart is currently touring Europe and performed in Leipzig’s Quarterback Immobilien Arena on Friday, June 14, and left some concertgoers perturbed when images of Vladimir Zelenskyy were shown.

The Maggie May singer has always been vocal about his criticism towards Vladimir Putin and the war and has since defended his actions after being booed and jeered at.

He told PA News on Monday: "I have supported the Ukrainian people throughout this war. From arranging for members of my family to take supplies to the country, to renting a house in the UK for a Ukrainian family.

"So yes, I do support Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine, and I will continue to do so. Putin must be stopped. I'm having the time of my life playing for German audiences, sharing some special memories, and I'm looking forward to playing my remaining dates here."

Clips of the moment went viral on social media, and left one X user to comment: "That's why don't mix politics with entertainment."

"Who in the name of God would go to a Rod Stewart concert to get 'some incisive political content?' Some great music for sure but why is this even a thing that there would be a 'war' segment of the Rod Stewart CONCERT??" another slammed.

Someone else said: "People are fed up with Pop stars trying to be messengers. If we want political music we will seek it out. You're a Pop star, stick to entertaining."

"Why? Rod?" one asked before another quipped: "People pay you to sing, just do your job."

One user defended the singer, however: "He's allowed to have his own opinions. Maybe he went about it the wrong way but there is nothing wrong with him showcasing his beliefs and praying for a country in war." (sic)

The move from Stewart comes after he recently condemned Russia and told Sky News presenter Niall Patterson: "You let that a******e into Ukraine, he'll get into every NATO country. And we'll have to join the army.

"We have to support Ukraine right to the end. Peace in the Middle East as well. We need joy, we live in very dark times."

Back in 2022, Stewart revealed that he and his wife Penny Lancaster had rented a home in Berkshire, in south-east England, for a Ukrainian family of seven who had fled Russia's full-scale invasion.

He told The Mirror at the time: "Words couldn't describe what we were watching. The bombing of innocent children, the bombing of hospitals and playgrounds.


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"Like everyone else, we were completely beside ourselves. I don't wish that on anyone. This is evil, pure evil."

The same year, the Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? singer also paid for four lorries, full of supplies, to be driven to the Poland-Ukraine border.

His two nephews were among the drivers, and with the help of a UK-based humanitarian organisation, they then drove 16 Ukrainian refugees to safety in Berlin.

“They drove through France, Belgium, Germany and into Poland, dropped off supplies and picked up refugees and dropped them in Berlin.

"It took them three-and-a-half days to get there and back. They are the heroes, not me," he previously told the Daily Record.

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