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A British grandfather who fell into a coma whilst on holiday is being “held hostage” by a Turkish hospital until he has paid his £41,000 medical bill.

Malcolm Stocker, 68, was diagnosed with pneumonia whilst on a two-week trip with his girlfriend Jane in Icmeler.

The retired pub landlord has since been staying at the intensive care unit at Ahu Hospital in Marmaris, with his family claiming that staff have told him he must pay half the eye-watering bill before he can leave.

Stocker was denied medical insurance for the holiday, likely due to multiple pre-existing conditions, however, he still decided to embark on the trip.

During the holiday, the grandfather fell ill, complaining of an upset stomach, and was soon admitted to hospital where his sodium and potassium levels were found to be dangerously low.

A chest x-ray showed he had pneumonia and he was placed in a medically induced coma.

Stocker’s daughter, Emma Jane, said her father has remained heavily sedated since coming out of the coma two weeks ago.

She told The Daily Mail: “It is just heartbreaking to see my dad lying in hospital and so helpless.


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“He doesn't really know where he is and thinks he is on a cruise ship. He has been out of the induced coma for a while but is just so heavily sedated.”

The hospital has said that the father-of-three has run up a medical bill of £41,000 since he arrived almost a month ago - which they now expect him to pay half of before he can leave.

Emma Jane said that she and her family were very grateful for the care the Turkish medics have provided, however, are unable to afford such a large sum at such short notice.

She tried to contact the British embassy in Turkey to see if they could provide assistance, however, they recommended that they try and fundraise the money themselves.

The family has since launched a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs, with a goal of £29,000.

His daughter said: “We just want to get our father home. As soon as we raise enough money we can pay the hospital and arrange a flight home.

“This situation is worsening, with dad still laid up too unwell to leave let alone travel. The hospital will not allow him to leave without payment. We do not know where to turn.”

GB News has contacted Ahu Hospital in Marmaris for comment.

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