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Bev Turner today spoke out about her passion for a story which hit the headlines over the weekend.

A policeman was suspended from frontline duties after he used his police car to ram a young, escaped cow, Surrey Police said.

The young cow, Beau Lucy, suffered grazes and bruising after being hit by the vehicle as her owner described the incident as "horrific".

Beau Lucy was hit on Friday at around 8.55pm after the force received reports that a cow was running loose on a street in Staines-upon-Thames.

Speaking on the story, Bev said: "Got a bit lively on the show today because we were talking about this cow being run over in Feltham in Surrey. Now this area is very urban.

"There's a big dual carriageway, the A316, which becomes the M3 just round about there.

"So the police had a really difficult decision to make. How do we neutralise the threat to the traffic at that time of the night in the dark, 10pm at night?

"And I think that that police officer had a really difficult decision to make, and I think he did the right thing.

Do you agree with Bev? WATCH her full argument above.

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