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Nana Akua gave our members and exclusive look inside the GB News studio today and explained one of our core values.

Being the fearless champion of Britain - its voices and its values.

She said: "When you come to GB News, you'll be met by this, the fearless champion of Britain, its voices and its values.

"Yes, we are going to be different because we give you a chance to speak.

"We want to hear what the people of this country think. You want to know how you feel about politics. Your voices, your thoughts are important to us because you are what make this country great.

"And we need to hear from you, especially the way things are at the moment as well. With the election of the politicians and all, you've seen the seven way debates.

"I'm so glad that these people are under the microscope and that we are scrutinising what they're saying and what they're bringing to the table. It is so important. And that's why we're here at TV news, to bring our politicians to you, to answer your questions."

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