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A prisoner in a filthy cell had his space ‘pimped’ by a TikTok influencer after begging for help, footage seen by GB News has shown.

Footage from an unknown prison posted on TikTok shows a designated “cleaner” called Alan cleaning up a cell at the orders of another prisoner.

The cell is being cleaned after another prisoner was also filmed begging the other to “pimp” his cell.

After pleading with “the magic words,” a recording on a phone camera - prohibited in prison - shows one prisoner receiving a haircut and having his cell cleaned.

It is not known what crimes the men have committed that led to them being imprisoned.

In other footage, prisoner Alan is also seen cleaning the cell of one prisoner and being told to “do the mental dance”, shaking his body around after folding clothes on his bed.

The footage raises concerning questions for the prison service about how order and standards are being maintained across Britain’s prisons.

It is an offence to broadcast from a jail without permission from the Ministry of Justice.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “Mobile phones are not tolerated in prison and those found with them face extra time behind bars.”

It is an offence to broadcast from a jail without permission from the Ministry of Justice.

Prisoners can face up to an extra 42 days behind bars if caught with mobiles, but in recent years a flood of footage has reached social media as lags have smuggled smartphones behind bars.

Under official guidelines, cells are expected to be searched once a month for any contraband, but prison staff shortages have reduced inspections.

Prisoners are expected to clean their own cells and do not have designated ‘cleaners’ that clean the cells of others.

It is not known why ‘mental man’ refers to the prison as his cleaner

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