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The Princess of Wales has been praised for her "elegance, dignity and stoicism" at this year's Trooping the Colour, as the royal made her first public appearance since announcing her cancer diagnosis.

Returning to the royal spotlight after six months, Princess Kate arrived with her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis after confirming her attendance to royal fans on Friday.

In a statement, Kate made clear she is "not out of the woods yet", but was "looking forward" to attending the proceedings.

Following her poignant return, former Royal Correspondent Michael Cole labelled the Princess as the "star of the show" at the King's official birthday celebrations.

Speaking to GB News, Cole declared: "The King had a good muster of the Royal Family, minus, of course, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.

"But he won't mind, it was his day. But the star of the show was the Princess of Wales."

Praising her "dignified" appearance at the parade and balcony, Cole told hosts Ellie Costello and Andrew Pierce: "Such dignity, such elegance, such stoicism and steadfastness, bearing the burden that she's bearing, bringing up her children so brilliantly.

"Being a princess, being a wife, being a public figure, and the most popular member of the Royal Family."

The former royal correspondent also claimed that Kate's return will make her "even more popular" amongst royal supporters.


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Turning the discussion to Princess Kate's health amid her ongoing cancer treatment, Cole suggested that the decision for the royal to attend the event would have been "very last minute".

Cole explained: "The doctors would have been paramount in this decision. She would have taken very, very careful advice of the physicians to see whether she could do it.

"I thought at best it would be that she would make an appearance on the balcony. The fact is she's been sitting there for the whole thing, which is nearly two hours, and she looks great.

"And I'm quite sure the crowds will think it well worth their while, despite the many who have had a glimpse of her."

Echoing the thoughts of Cole, broadcasting legend Alastair Stewart noted that Kate's return will mean "so much to cancer victims", particularly those going through chemotherapy.

Cole agreed, adding: "I think it's brilliant the way both the Princess of Wales and the King have been very inclusive in the statements they've made far more candid than they would have been in the past.

"They've been as upfront as they possibly want to be, and they've made it sure that everybody else who's suffering similarly is included."

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