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Passengers at a railway station in Oxfordshire were forced to look on in horror over the weekend when a train smashed into an unattended pram which had rolled into its path.

Onlookers at Banbury station could only stand and watch as the buggy - with a three-month-old baby inside - careered into a CrossCountry train, flipping it over in front of the infant's horrified mother and grandmother.

The pram had inched forward across the yellow line in front of a packed platform - and, shockingly, nobody had rushed to stop it until the baby's mother sprinted into action to try and pull it back.

But the quick-thinking mum was a split-second too late; the front of one of the train's carriages slammed the buggy to the ground.

CCTV footage from the shocking incident shows the moment the crash unfolded - though the buggy luckily avoided falling onto the tracks.

After the crash, paramedics were called to the scene - and, fortunately, the infant was given the all-clear.

The baby's mother and grandmother, who were forced to watch as the pram spun out of control, were left distraught by the incident, the Daily Mail reports.

And CrossCountry has stressed it was following "all relevant operational and safety rules".


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A CrossCountry spokesman said: "Our thoughts are with the mother and baby involved in the incident at Banbury last week, and reviews with industry partners have shown CrossCountry colleagues followed all relevant operational and safety rules.

"This distressing incident is a reminder of the need for people to be vigilant, safe and secure at all times when near the railway."

While a Chiltern Railways spokesman said: "Our staff followed the correct process throughout the incident and called an ambulance.

"They then looked after the family involved whilst the paramedics arrived.

"Safety of passengers when travelling via our stations or on board our services is our top priority and we urge passengers to remain safe and aware at our stations or when travelling by rail.

"We are thinking about the family involved and we were in touch with them after the incident."

The warnings from rail networks for passengers to remain vigilant follow the shocking statistic that there have been 11 accidental deaths on Britain's railways between 2022 and 2023.

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