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Emma-Jo Morris, a US reporter who broke the story surrounding Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop has shed light on a “mysterious letter” she was dealt with by the FBI.

The controversy arose in October 2020 after the New York Post published a front-page story that presented emails from the laptop, alleging they showed corruption by Joe Biden.

Speaking on GBN America, Morris told Bev Turner about some of the unusual events that followed the story’s publication.

“The laptop repair shop guy calls the FBI and gets a subpoena in return, which is basically a receipt to say the FBI has the material”, she said.

“Then in October 2020 I published a series in the New York Post based on the same material.

“At that point, a very mysterious letter appears from members of the CIA, members of the NSA and the FBI calling it ‘Russian disinformation’, which is totally preposterous.


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“They knew it was. They had verified it themselves within the Government. It’s strange relaying it to you like this.

“That letter we find out was basically organised by the Biden campaign, by Antony Blinken who is now Secretary of State.

“There was basically an operation run on the American people from men in security clearance who would have known this was totally legit.

“You had many agents who censored the story and deleted it from social media.”

Biden’s team argued at the time of the laptop’s contents being exposed that it was a “smear campaign” engineered by Russian disinformation, but the hard drive has been authenticated by US media and the FBI has it.

Hunter became the first child of a sitting US leader to be convicted of a federal crime this week after being found guilty of illegal possession of a gun and lying about his drug use when it was bought.

The verdict leaves the US president’s son facing a prison term after the jury unanimously ruled against him.

It comes as the president revs up for another run at the White House, but Biden is facing an unwelcome distraction of his son being thrust back into the limelight.

His opponent, Donald Trump, has not used the situation for political point scoring and has instead expressed sympathy for his Democrat counterpart.

He told Fox News it’s a “tough situation” for the president and he “understands” the issue of addiction well, as “I’ve had it with people who have it in their family”.

Trump’s own brother, Fred, had alcoholism and died in 1981.

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