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A ship which saw Sir Ernest Shackleton's final voyage has been found off the coast of Canada.

The polar explorer died onboard the Quest in 1922 after suffering a heart attack, but the ship continued to be used for another 40 years.

The 47-year-old was attempting to reach the Antarctic for a fourth expedition.

Following his death, the Quest continued sailing for decades in various capacities including in other exploratory voyages.

His granddaughter Alexandra Shackleton said finding the Quest represents the "last discovery in the Shackleton story".

The ship - which was initially built for seal hunting - returned to her original purpose by 1962 before thick sea ice pierced her hull and the vessel sunk.

Her crew were all rescued off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, while the ship was sent to the seafloor.

On Sunday, the vessel was rediscovered in the Labrador Sea by a team led by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS).


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It was located using sonar equipment in 1,280ft of water - sitting almost upright on the seafloor.

Experts say that other than damage to her mast, the ship appears to be mostly intact.

The search team studied the Quest’s logs, navigation records, photographs, and other documents to locate her.

Due to the proximity of the vessel - which is in a protected area for marine and wildlife - it will not be removed from the ocean.

David Mearns, who directed the search to find the wreck, told the BBC: "His final voyage kind of ended that heroic age of exploration, of polar exploration, certainly in the south."

He added that the Quest was "in the pantheon of polar ships".

Alexandra Shackleton, the closest living relative to the famed explorer said: "For me, this represents the last discovery in the Shackleton story. It completes the circle."

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