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Joe Biden delivered his "worst ever" performance at a G7 meeting, insiders claim as he was spotted wandering off from the group.

The international summit saw world leaders - including Rishi Sunak - gather to watch parachute jumpers fall from the sky with the flags of allied nations.

But as pictures are set to be taken, Biden is seen walking away from the shoot before Italian PM Giorgia Meloni ushers him back.

Sources say the US president shows moments of sharpness and clarity, but at others appears to be "losing focus".

"It's the worst he has ever been," one person told The Sun.

Other attendees described Biden's performance as "embarrassing".

Footage recorded in Puglia, Italy, shows the 81-year-old smiling for a few seconds before he turns away.

He then takes a few steps forward as he begins to talk to someone and offers them a thumbs up.


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Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni all stare in his direction before Meloni grabs Biden.

The commander-in-chief was facing in the complete opposite direction to the other world leaders.

White House press secretary Andrew Bates claimed Biden was congratulating a diver on the floor who was collecting his things.

Bates blamed the "desperate" media for using "an artificially narrow frame" to make the president look bad.

Sunak told journalists: "From what I remember, he went to go and shake all their hands."

The Prime Minister added: "As far as I’m aware, he went over to talk to some of the parachutes jumpers to say thank you or hello to them individually."

Biden later missed a dinner for the leaders at the summit.

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