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A huge fire has broken out at a north London recycling centre, with an urgent warning issued to local residents.

Ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters have been sent to tackle the blaze, after around 500 tonnes of mixed waste caught fire early this morning on Nobel Road, Edmonton.

The London Fire Brigade said that about 100 tonnes of the material remained on fire at 5.50am this morning.

The brigade said online: "Road closures are in place, and traffic on the A1055 is likely to be impacted."

There are no reports of any injuries and the cause of the blaze is currently unknown, the brigade said.

Nearby residents were advised to keep doors and windows shut to stop smoke from entering their properties.

A 32-metre ladder was used by firefighters to attack the blaze from above.

The Brigade's drone team was also sent to the scene, which offered the Incident Commander an aerial view of the fire.


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A nearby brook was also used as a water source to provide additional water to the crew as they responded.

Crews from Edmonton, Enfield, Chingford, and surrounding fire stations attended the scene.

One witness said they could see smoke from the fire from their home, which is around eight miles away.

Another, who was driving on the North Circular, could also spot the plumes of black smoke and posted footage of the sight online.

More to follow...

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