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A Jet2 flight from Glasgow had to be diverted with a drunk passenger pulled off the plane after “attacking the crew”.

The flight took off to sunny Tenerife just before 4pm on Wednesday, however, the journey was anything but smooth.

Mid-flight, a man believed to be drunk began a chaotic tirade of violence towards crew and passengers.

The man in his 20s allegedly first became violent towards members of staff before he turned on fellow passengers, trying to attack several other people onboard the plane.

It is claimed that he had to be held down by other travellers to subdue him.

The incident was so disruptive that the plane had to be diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland, where police officers ran onboard to detain the disorderly man.

Footage from onboard the plane shows officers handcuffing the screaming man, whilst another used a seatbelt to drag him away by his legs.

He was arrested and is currently in custody in County Clare.


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An investigation into the incident has been launched.

A Garda, the national police of Ireland, spokesperson said: “Gardaí attached to Shannon Airport arrested a man, aged in his 20s following an incident on board an aircraft that diverted to Shannon Airport earlier this evening Wednesday 12th June, 2024 at approximately 5.30pm.

“Gardaí met the aircraft and arrested the man under the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997. He is currently detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 at a Garda station in County Clare.

“Investigations are ongoing.”

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “We can confirm that flight LS155 from Glasgow to Tenerife has diverted to Shannon Airport this afternoon so that police could offload a disruptive passenger.”

Earlier this year, passengers on a Jet2 flight from Tenerife to the UK were left horrified after a dead man was discovered in the aircraft’s toilet.

During the journey to the UK on January 2, passengers noticed that the door to the cubicle had been locked for a long time.

They then alerted the crew, who opened the door to a shocking discovery - the deceased man.

The plane was then diverted from its original destination of Manchester to Cork Airport in Ireland.

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