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An American man who went on a solo-hike has gone missing from a Greek island just days after Michael Mosley vanished in similar circumstances.

Eric Calibet, 59, a retired police officer, embarked on a challenging four-hour hike on the island of Amorgos, from Aegiali to Katapola, at around 7am local time according to residents.

When he had not returned eight hours later, a friend reported him missing to the police. Authorities have not been able to contact Calibet via either of his two cell phones.

His disappearance comes just days after television doctor Mosley died on the neighbouring island of Symi after going on a similar solo-hike - his death has been down to natural causes and he died the same day he was reported missing.

Mosley’s body was found near the entrance to a cave just metres away from Agia Marina beach after an extensive four-day search.

The two disappearances come amid a record early heatwave for Greece, which has seen the temperature rise as high as 43C in Athens.

Amorgos, the island where Calibet was holidaying, is subject to a “severe high-temperature warning” this week.

Authorities on the island have released a photo of the missing American as part of the search and rescue operation.


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The American, who has frequented the island many times, hiked along a trail that is well-known and well-maintained.

“He had completed the Aegiali to Katapola hike several times in the past,” Calliope Despotidi, the deputy mayor of Amorgos, told Greek Reporter, a local news outlet.

“It is strange because he is not a person who walked the route for the first time. He knows Amorgos better than me.”

She said that she hoped Calibet had not met the same fate as the British television doctor.

Whilst the exact cause of death “cannot be determined”, physio Chris Byrne, a lecturer in sports and health sciences at Exeter University, has claimed the circumstances surrounding Mosley’s death bore all the hallmarks of a fatal heatstroke.

During the time Mosley was on holiday with his wife Claire Bailey and the time he went missing, warnings were issued for extreme weather on the Dodecanese island as temperatures were projected to reach 40C.

He told the Daily Express that "the tragic story of Michael Mosley illustrates the rare but potentially lethal effect of combining physical activity in high environmental heat”.

As the scorching temperatures hit, the Greek Red Cross handed out free water on the streets, as well as pamphlets on how to cope with a heatwave.

“Extreme heat doesn’t have to become a disaster if cities and communities are well prepared,” said Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen, Europe regional director for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

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