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At the end of May he was not standing and off to America to help Trump. Now he is standing for a seat and becoming Leader of Reform.

During an interview with Mr Tice the outgoing Leader on GB News it was noted that even the Deputy Leader of Reform Mr Habib, was not aware of the change in Leadership. This self-coronation without consultation of Party Members and no ballot taking place would make a Dictator of a "Banana Republic" blush but because it’s Nigel, all normal British Party constitutional technicalities are ditched and erratic unprofessional behaviour laughed off down the pub with a pint.

What I will never forgive Nigel and I suspect millions of other Britons who voted for Brexit will never forgive him for, is that his ego and hubris trump the protection of Brexit so that he can grand stand in his traditional way at this General Election as he always does. Britain has just become the world's 4th largest exporter climbing 3 positions over the last few years.

Exports are the most important single issue for any country as they facilitate hard currency coming into the country an essential ingredient for prosperity and a strong economy.

When we voted for Brexit, Remainers told us that Brexit would lead to disaster and companies would leave UK and our exports would collapse. The direct opposite has occurred.

In addition to this remarkable achievement we have also joined the world's largest trading block the CPTPP This is the fastest growing region in the world with billions of middle class consumers hungry for high quality British products and services.

In 1980 the EEC represented 25% of the worlds’ economy and today that is down 10% and still falling despite the fact it has doubled in the number of countries since that time.

Mr Farage in his determination to split the right wing vote at this election, could be the greatest facilitator for allowing Keir Starmer to become Prime Minister.

As Brexit was going through Parliament under Theresa May and Boris Johnson, no single man did more to thwart that process and to prevent Brexit happening.

A large majority for Sir Keir will give him the tools to ensure that the United Kingdom re-enters the European Union and therefore this unique historic opportunity to take advantage of the fact that we are the sole European country in the Far East trading bloc will be destroyed.

In addition, we have been using our new freedom as an independent sovereign nation to recalibrate our trading relationships and the tariffs we impose on our commonwealth partners. Let’s not forget this global organisation with King Charles III at its head encompasses a third of the world’s population with 56 members.

The way in which we are making the Commonwealth relevant in the modern era and the commercial relationships we are building up with these countries is giving them for the first time, better trading terms than they had when these were managed for us by European Union.

That single issue is the most important in differentiating Britain as the partner for them in comparison with other European countries.

When we were members of the EU, we were forced to impose massive tariffs on our Commonwealth partners because we had to comply with EU regulations and demands.

History and the British people will judge Mr Farage very harshly in years to come because by his actions he is at the election facilitating the arch Remainer to overturn all of those achievements.

I very much hope that millions of Britain's around this country will recognise at the General Election the ramifications for Brexit if Sir Keir gets the keys to Number 10. I and my fellow Conservatives will continue to hold Mr Farage to account over his counter-intuitive and dangerous behaviour which could destroy our economy with a hard Left Labour government controlled by Trade Unions.

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