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Jo Cox’s widower has issued a warning after Nigel Farage had objects hurled at him while on the campaign trail in Barnsley.

Speaking on GB News, Brendan Cox hit out at people who found the attack “funny” as he warned some may feel emboldened to take such threats further.

Brendan’s late wife, former MP Jo Cox, died in 2016 after being shot and stabbed multiple times in the street in the village of Birstall, where she had been due to hold a constituency surgery.

He told GB News: “I think it's deeply depressing that people think that you can resolve political disagreements with intimidation, with violence.

“Some people think these things are a joke. The throwing of milkshakes, the throwing of eggs, the throwing of paper cups.

“But these things aren't because what they do is, they create a poisonous culture in our democracy.


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“They make people who are willing to go further than that, not just throw things, perhaps throw a punch, perhaps worse than that."

Cox pointed out that he disagrees strongly with Nigel Farage on a number of issues politically, but this does not give somebody the right to intimidate as a result.

“So you can disagree vehemently with people like Farage, which I certainly do”, he said.

“But we have a responsibility to uphold the right of candidates, no matter their views.”

In light of yesterday’s attack, the Reform leader has been offered additional private security by the Home Office.

It is not the first incident of its kind during this General Election campaign, with the former Ukip chief struck by a milkshake as he launched his bid to win the seat in Clacton.

Two people have been charged over the incidents.

It is understood that the Home Office has been in touch with the Reform UK leader to offer additional private security.

Police chiefs say it is difficult to work out the intentions of people in crowds when would-be MPs are out campaigning, but that the candidates may not want to be put in a bubble as they try to speak to the public.

The number of intelligence and crime reports received by police relating to MPs has dropped sharply in recent months, but force chiefs insist candidates have confidence in officers to protect them.

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