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Isabel Webster has opened up as she faced accusations on being supportive of left-wing politicians.

The GB News presenter replied to claims she is pro-left after viewers claiming she was giving Labour politicians an easy ride on Breakfast.

One viewer wrote: "Eamonn isn't neutral in any way, he's a typical lefty."

Another wrote: "Isabel Webster giving Labour an easy time again."

In an exclusive members only video, she replied to the accusations: "You're used to seeing me grilling politicians on the Breakfast programme of all colours, and I tried to give them all a hard time.

"And if you watch on Your Say, quite often people will always accuse me, oh, you're giving Labour an easy ride, you're giving the Tories a harder time. Let me assure you, I have no political biases.

"I've never had any preferential treatment for any political party.

But what I will say is it's much easier to hold the Conservatives to account because of course, they have a record of 14 years.

"And as we know, the Labour Party at the moment are not saying an awful lot about what they're going to do if and when they get into office.

"Harder to challenge them.

I'm doing my very best. I hope you can bear with us. And of course, those accusations always come through.

Camilla Tominey was complaining about this at the weekend as well.

"As long as I get criticism from both sides, everybody thinks that I'm perhaps biased, then I'm doing my job properly.

"But it is our role, specially during this pre-election period, to make sure that we are balanced on the Breakfast programme. When we are holding the authorities to account, bear with us. We're doing our best.

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