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Lucy Frazer has said the public should vote for the Conservatives based on how they navigated the country through the Covid crisis.

The Minister also said that the Rwanda plan was a ‘realistic’ plan for dealing with illegal migration which was being looked at by other countries.

Speaking on GB News Lucy Frazer said: “I think what we need to remember is the economic situation we're in and why we're in it and that's the really important starting point. So the position is when we came into power 14 years ago we inherited a very dire economic picture, there was no money left.

“We started to turn the economy around but that's what we inherited, and then we had covid.

“Immediately the then Chancellor, now Prime Minister, was there with £400 billion in order to ensure that the economy didn't have a downturn and then we could bounce back. paying people salaries.

“We spent £400 billion on that as well as supporting the NHS and then we just came out of that and then we had the energy crisis with Ukraine.

“So it's been a very challenging period for us economically and we can't forget that in terms of looking where our starting point is for the manifesto.

“I would ask the public to think about, how did we deal with that crisis? And you need to compare what we did to other countries: not what people would have liked us to have done or where they would like the position to be now, and the position is vis a vis other countries, we bounced back better, our economy bounced back stronger and quicker from the pandemic the most other G7 countries.

“Also our economy is now rising faster than the US, faster than France, Germany, Italy, because of the steps that we've taken we have managed to do that.

“And now the economy is turning a corner and what we've set out today in the manifesto is tax cuts across the board. So it's tax cuts for people who are employed, it’s tax cuts for people who are self-employed, it's tax cuts for pensioners and there's also tax cuts for families.”

On immigration, Ms Frazer said: “We've already operationalised everything so we're ready for those flights to take off as soon as we are able to do that from a legal perspective; we hope to be able to do that in July and they will be ready to go.

“I think the Prime Minister does believe it will happen and he's taken every single step to ensure that it does, including making sure that the moment that we can do it, we will.

“And this is really important because what we need to ensure is that people don't make that dangerous journey in the first place.

“That is why this will act as a deterrent and what's interesting to see for those like the Labour Party who have said they're going to scrap the scheme is that other countries are now following us because they see this as a realistic plan to solve the problems that every single country is facing in relation to illegal immigration.

“We believe that we have the powers, that the legislation we brought in will enable us to get those flights off the ground and we are absolutely ready to do that. Of course the further measures that we put into the manifesto will enable us to go further.”


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