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A security expert has issued his damning verdict on calls for increased security for politicians, following a second attack on Nigel Farage.

The Reform UK leader was targeted by a protester with suspected building rubble and a coffee cup during his campaign trail in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences following the incident.

Speaking to supporters in Great Yarmouth following the attack, Farage pledged to "not surrender" to the mob and to continue campaigning.

Farage told the crowd: "Whilst it is concerning and whilst of course it does make me thoughtful and I may need to change tactics slightly, but I'm going to make one promise to you and the tens of thousands watching this live online and the media.

"And my promise is this I will not surrender to the mob. I will not stop campaigning."

Discussing the incident on GB News, Protective Security Specialist Richard Aitch argued that adding further protections to politicians will "not act a deterrent" to future attackers.

When asked by host Camilla Tominey if the law needs to be "beefed up" with protecting public figures, Aitch explained: "We live in a democratic world. We live in a democracy and a fair and free society. You can't have one law for politicians and one law for the rest of the general public.

"Law has to be fit for purpose throughout society. And if it's not, then it needs to be changed. What we have are adequate laws in my mind to deal with such incidents.


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"However, it's not a deterrent when you have someone guilty of a common assault, which just results in the community service and a fine. That in itself is not a deterrent for that person's five minutes of fame."

Aitch then claimed that if political figures and parties are wanting to add further protections, they need to increase their campaign budgets.

He told GB News: "There has to be a more concerted effort, an increased budget, to provide the protection needed to these MPs and those campaigning to be elected.

"When you have the likes of Mr. Farage, where the budget can be very restricted, you have a situation that is extremely difficult to control and mitigate, and there has to be a process where risk has to be a certain element of acceptance in terms of what are the dire threats that we are facing."

Condemning the actions of the protesters who attacked Farage in Yorkshire and Clacton, Aitch said: "These acts are wholly unacceptable, and whoever is found guilty of such offences must be brought under the full weight of the law.

"These crowds are unknowns to the protection team. And by coming into close proximity, you are raising the element of risk in being attacked. And the situation is almost impossible for those conducting protection."

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