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Joe Biden will withdraw from this year's presidential election "at the last minute" due to his declining health, GB News host Bev Turner has predicted.

This comes as the 81-year-old President appeared to 'freeze' during a special Juneteenth concert held at The White House on Monday.

The Potus was noticeably still during a live musical performance, where Vice President Kamala Harris was seen dancing next to him.

Brother of the late George Floyd, Philonise, offered the President a helping hand as he was seen wrapping an arm around him during the momentary freeze.

Discussing the incident on GB News, hosts Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce were confused by Biden's lack of movement, asking "why isn't he moving?"

Speaking on their show Britain's Newsroom, Bev expressed concern for Biden after watching the "unbelievable footage" from the concert.

Bev told GB News: "It's getting cruel now, wheeling that man out on stage. He's at an event, it's clearly a music festival, everybody around him is dancing, and he doesn't move at all.

"He looks like he doesn't even know where he is, he's completely static."

Noting the aid he receives from Philonise Floyd, Bev added that Floyd "clearly wants to be dancing" but offers and arm to the President to "give him an excuse not to be dancing".


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Andrew shared his thoughts on Biden's frozen appearance, telling Bev: "Biden has this fixed grin on his face, cause he doesn't know to do, but he knows he's got to smile.

"He looks a bit like a waxwork dummy at Madame Tussauds." Agreeing with Andrew, Bev muttered "he just looks awful".

Offering her prediction for the November election, Bev admitted she feels Biden will "not stand" and will be advised to step down "at the last minute".

Bev explained: "Here's my suspicion. I don't think he will stand. I think at the very last minute they will pull him from the ticket, they will say his health is not up to it and they will put somebody else in at that last moment. Perhaps Michelle Obama?"

Andrew disagreed with Bev about her suggestion of Michelle Obama and claimed she "doesn't want to do it".

Bev defended her remark and claimed Obama can "wait in the wings" and "not do the boring bit of campaigning".

Andrew then suggested that First Lady Jill Biden may advise her husband to step down, claiming: "The person who would make a difference here is the First Lady.

"If she said, darling, you've got to give up, would he listen? Because I think otherwise they're going to have to take him out with the men in the white coats."

Bev responded, concluding: "I have no doubt that whoever his handlers are, they are having that conversation with her about how to play this strategy, because they will keep him there. And especially if Trump ultimately does end up running for the Republicans."

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