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The Democrats have been urged to "be honest" and drop Joe Biden from the Presidential election race, following his latest concerning appearance at the White House.

This comes as the 81-year-old displayed worrying behaviour at the annual Juneteenth concert, where he "froze" during the event.

Brother of the late George Floyd, Philonise, was seen offering Biden aid and wrapped his arm around the American leader after spotting his static demeanour.

Discussing the incident on GB News, spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK Jennifer Ewing said Biden "looked photoshopped" and was "sad" to see the President acting in such a concerning way.

Ewing highlighted that although she is "no doctor", Biden's behaviour "clearly shows someone in cognitive decline".

She told host Martin Daubney: "He actually looks photoshopped. He's totally still while everybody else, including George Floyd's brother and Kamala Harris are dancing, and he's just frozen."

Detailing the possible impact on the Democrats campaign ahead of this year's election, Ewing called on the party to "be honest" and consider choosing another candidate to stand in Biden's place this November.

Ewing urged the Democrats: "If the Democrats were honest, they would say we need another candidate. This is elder abuse.

"The 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' is so strong, and they do not want President Trump to get elected again."


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Martin argued that the stance from the Democrats and Biden's camp is that he is "compos mentis" and there is "no problem at all", but there seems to be a "mounting body of physical evidence" to argue against it.

Ewing agreed, responding: "Everything we're hearing out of Washington, from people who are probably far more plugged in than I am, is he's going to be the candidate. That's it. We'll see you at the debates on June 27.

"One thing to note about these debates is it was Joe Biden and his team's decision to move them from September up closer to June. And they're also doing it without the election committee for the first time ever."

Sharing her view on Biden's decision to move the debate, Ewing admitted it is a "test case" for the Democrats to see if Biden can handle the pressure of a leadership debate.

Ewing explained: "My personal view, and it's contrarian, is that this is going to be a test case.

"Can Joe Biden actually do a debate? I doubt very much he can. We've seen the energy differences between him and President Trump."

Ewing was also pressed on the guilty verdict of Biden's son Hunter, after a Delaware court convicted the President's son for lying about his drug use to illegally buy a gun.

When asked if she believes Hunter will go to prison, Ewing revealed: "He could go to prison, but I doubt very much that he will. This is his hometown, they love the Bidens."

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